The field of movie syndication is a hard place. Following fighting and sweating to complete a movie you aren't mentally and physically fatigued.You just want to stop off and rest, but you can't because concluding a movie is merely half the battle. It's time to enter the world of motion picture distribution.Motion picture distribution is known as a … Read More

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I was delivered in 1976 and outside of "Blaxploitation" movies, there were simply no African American action or science fiction actors. My favorite films included "Tron, " "Superman, " "The Last Superstar Fighter, " and "Dune. " The heroes in those movies had super powers, ultra intelligence, together to look deep to overcome extra-ordinarily diffi… Read More

I was blessed in 1976 and outside of "Blaxploitation" movies, there were simply no African American actions or scientific research fiction personalities. My favorite movies included "Tron, " "Superman, " "The Last Star Fighter, inches and "Dune. " The heroes in those videos had very powers, super intelligence, and had to burrow deep to overcome ext… Read More

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